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UR Browser is intended to provide you with a more secure and private Internet browsing experience. It looks similar to other browsers, particularly those based on Chromium. Consequently, I do not think you may have difficulty to use the basic features present in this software. In addition, if you do not like the default look, it is possible to use another theme from an extensive collection available.

One of the most appreciated characteristics in a browser is speed. Luckily, UR Browser is one of the fastest navigators out there. Two factors contribute to this. First, it inherits Chromium’s powerful rendering engine. Second, it does not load any ads, trackers, and cookies, which usually increase a webpage weigh.

In addition to those features that are common to most modern browsers, such as tabs, history, and bookmarks, UR Browser has others that may draw your attention. Probably, the most outstanding is the possibility of adjusting the level of privacy to the website you are visiting at a given moment. In this respect, there are three possible levels, and you can even save your preferences for a given site. Likewise, it is great that you can turn on or off its built-in virus detection depending on the reliability of the source.

UR Browser also has a built-in downloader, with the advantage that it can also detect downloadable media contents automatically. Not only that, there is also a media center where you can organize the downloaded material. Moreover, gamers will probably find it quite convenient that this browser gives users a list of online games.

All in all, this program is just as reliable as other Chromium-based browsers. It comes with multiple additional features that you may like to have a look at. Moreover, it does not require learning to use it from scratch, as it is quite similar to other programs of the same type. Unfortunately, since software development always takes some time, it may happen that the latest UR Browser is not actually using the latest Chromium version.

Pedro Castro
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  • Three privacy levels
  • Fast page rendering
  • Does not download unnecessary contents
  • Built-in antivirus protection
  • Multiple themes
  • Media center
  • Online game collection
  • Built-in VPN


  • May use a dated version of Chromium
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